OS getting started

Power on MAPIO

You have followed the getting started hardware (HW getting started), you are now ready to use your MAPIO. Before power on your MAPIO:

  • Insert your Ethernet cable (optional)

  • Insert your SSD NVME disk (optional)

  • Insert the RF modules in dedicated sockets (optional)

Power ON MAPIO. About 20 seconds after power ON, the epaper display shall be refreshed and the LEDs shall be driven.

LEDS signification

There are three RGB Leds on MAPIO front panel:

  • LED1 (on the top) : SYSTEM LED :

    • Green: system is running

    • Orange: system is starting

    • Red: global failure

  • LED2 (on the middle) : USER LED :

    • are free to control it from your Home Assistant instance

  • LED3 (on the middle) : BATTERY LED :

    • Green (blinking): battery is charging

    • Green (fixed): battery is charged

    • Orange: system is on battery

    • Red: no battery or charger error

First setup

If you are connected using Ethernet. You can see your IP address on epaper main screen. You can now go to configuration section (see OS Configure).

If you are not connected with Ethernet, a wifi hotspot will be up. You can go the the epaper wifi and web server view to connect to the hotspot. The WIFI password is dynamic and is changed its time the WIFI Access Point is strated. There is two QR code on the epaper. First one is to connect to the WIFI AP, the second one is to open the web server on an internet explorer.

ePaper view

The epaper is used to display useful information about the gateway. To go from a view to another press the UP or DOWN button. UP goes from view N top view N-1, DOWN button goes to view N to N+1. The MID button is used for some interaction (for example enable or disable the web server when you are on the corresponding view).


When you ask a new view, a wait message is printed in the rectangle at the bottom right. Due to epaper technology, the refresh takes about 2 seconds. You shall wait this refresh before pushing another button.

Here is the list of the views and their information.

View 1 : HOME view


It displays :

  • MAPIO logo

  • the current hour

  • IP address

  • MAPIO OS version

View 2 : SYSTEM view


It displays :

  • CPU usage

  • System ROOTFS usage

  • Uptime

  • Battery voltage

  • MAPIO temperature

View 3 : WEB SERVER view


It displays :

  • WIFI AP information (SSID and dynamic password) and the associated QR Code

  • IP address to access to the web server and the associated QR Code

You can enable/disable the web server by pressing MID button

View 4 : STATUS view


It displays :

  • POWER status (charging/charged/ on battery)

  • Internet connectivity status

  • Docker status (running/stopped)